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Relationship Support

"The self is a social creation, and it is defined,
maintained and transformed with reference to others."

- L. Alan Sroufe

Wanting help in your relationship is okay.

A good relationship takes effort and commitment. Many of us did not witness healthy or functional  relationships and the tales we are told through television and movies isn't reality. I am trained in the Gottman approach for couple therapy. I combine my training in attachment theory with the Gottman approach to help couples come to a better understanding of each other.

I will meet with you as a couple and then with each of you individually before coming back together as a couple for therapy. This way I can get to know each of you by listening to your personal narrative and your hopes for your relationship. I support each individual to feel safe and to express what they think and feel. I can help you to:

  • Change difficult, entrenched relationship patterns

  • Deal effectively with conflict, anger, anxieties and resentment

  • Learn to communicate effectively

  • Understand one another in a deeper way

  • Resolve commitment issues

  • Transition into new phases in the family life cycle

I am LGBTQ+ friendly and have worked with straight, gay and polyamorous couples.

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