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Help With Parenting

"Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better. "

- Maya Angelou

 A child's behavior is a form of communication

Parenting, though rewarding, may still be one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of a person’s life. In addition to tending to an infant or child’s daily needs, parents are also generally responsible for helping each of their children develop life skills, social skills, and appropriate behaviors, while accounting for the unique personality of each child. Parents who become overwhelmed may find the support of a therapist to be helpful, particularly when faced with a difficult situation or behavioral concern.

Parenting therapy is therapy with a parent or parents to help create consistency, a united front, establish routines and follow through.  It is also to help you understand your child and their developmental stages.

At times and when appropriate I will ask to meet with your child and/or with parents and child. I will not speak about a child in front of a child. I will not be a disciplinarian to your child. I will observe and assess the dynamic between you and your child to help assist you in understanding your child so that the parent/child relationship can be strengthened.

Parenting after Divorce

Parenting after divorce can be particularly challenging. Children often resent having two homes and two sets of everything. There are often new rules to follow and things to be aware of. If you are seeking help with co-parenting and have a friendly relationship with your ex-partner, I can help with co-parenting after divorce. I will meet with both ex-partners together and work with each of you to help you best support your child through this difficult time.

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